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Directors and Corporate Officers

John Wildman
President/Executive Director, The Sheepfold

Jeff Abbott
Convene Group Chair, Convene Forum

Tim Blied
Law Partner, Schmiesing, Blied, Stoddart & Machey. Secty., The Sheepfold

Bob Brumleu
President, Omni Duct Systems

Marie Sackett 
Vice President of Finance, Sharon D. Lund Foundation

Chris Hite
Partner, Coreland Companies

Rick McCarthy
Chair, Convene Christian CEO Forum
Principal, McCarthy & Associates, CPA

Bruce Bartolomeo
Retired Business Owner

Victoria Botka Williams
Freelance Television Director

Bill Yingling
Business Consultant

Advisory Board

Janice Munemitsu 

Generous Giving Field Team

Bill McCullough

President, Pacific Media Group, LLC

Michael Stedman

Attorney, District Attorney's Office, Riverside County

We also have over 200 active volunteers who provide essential services, far too numerous to list here, for our residents which allows us to provide many services and benefits to our residents without cost.

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