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A Book from Fran Lundquist

Fran Lundquist, the founder of The Sheepfold, has written a book called The Sheepfold: A Living Memorial to the Living God. The book is available by calling (714) 237-1444. Or call toll free at 1-877-747-3653. You may also order a copy at our online store.

I have known Fran Lundquist for many years—at least I thought I knew her. Now, having read her life story in this incredible book, her ministry makes so much more sense. Only a broken heart could pour out the compassion Fran has given to many through The Sheepfold. You will love her anew and respect her afresh after you read this revealing, redemptive and quite remarkeable story.

Warren Duffy; Host, Duffy & Co./Live from L.A.

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