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How to Start a Shelter - Introduction

Here at Sheepfold we strive to carry out the words of this letter as Fran did throughout her ministry (the letter can be found below this paragraph). If you are interested in starting a shelter please look over all the tools found here in the "Starting a Shelter" section. As Fran mentioned write down any questions that may come to mind. After you have gathered your questions please feel free to contact Kelly Wildman, Director of Operations at We do our best to respond to request regarding shelter startups. It make take time for us to respond back dependent upon our current workload so please bear with us. We will do our best to guide you in the direction of opening your own shelter. Thank and God bless your efforts.

Dear Fellow Servant,

We rejoice when someone inquires about starting a shelter because the need for shelters continues to grow.

I am willing to share any knowledge I may have that would be of help but due to the increasing number of requests for information, I have limited my initial response to the information included on this section of our website.

Many questions will come to your mind and I ask that you write them down as you are reading it. Since I am not in the office on a regular basis, John Wildman, the Executive Director, is quite capable of answering any questions you might have. For more information and access to our shelter manual, look at our internet site:

The success of your vision depends on following what God has called you to do. Spend much time in prayer. God leads each of us differently. Do everything in love and patience with others who may not have the same vision you do.


Fran Lundquist  1926 - 2013

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