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Ashley's Story

I was homeless with a newborn daughter and pregnant but because of physical abuse from my boyfriend I had a miscarriage and lost my second child. I was in a very dark place before coming to The Sheepfold and being so close to the situation I was blind as to how horrible it really was. But I knew I had to leave.

Being at The Sheepfold has been a life-changing experience. Leaving my situation and everything I knew was a very hard step. I didn't know what to expect and could only imagine the worst. The moment I arrived at The Sheepfold I felt at home, peaceful and safe. I had finally come into the light and could see all the things that were wrong in my life.

Since being here it's easier for me to open up and I have something beautiful to smile about. The most important thing is that my daughter is in a safe place and I can give her all my attention. I don't have to worry about her seeing me sad or hurt—just happy. She deserves everything good.

The Sheepfold is allowing me to get myself together. I appreciate all the loving, caring, friendly and Godly people at The Sheepfold. My life is looking up and I am so happy and grateful to be here.

Thank you Jesus!

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