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Christmas Information

Christmas time is a joyous season here at the Sheepfold!

Every year we are given the privilege to bring a new and good memory of Christ's first coming to the women and children here at the Sheepfold. Yes of course we make sure they experience a Christmas that they will never forget but we also make sure that they understand the true meaning of our celebration. Among the gift giving, tree decorating and fun events we make sure to carry the message of Jesus' birth. We know and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. We would love for you to join us in this celebration!

If you would like to volunteer please see the section tilted Christmas Volunteers for more information or call 1.714.237.1444 or email  

If you are interested in our Adopt a Family program please read on:

Adopt A Sheepfold Family

You can make a difference for a shelter family!

Adopting a Family means providing a portion of the gifts a Sheepfold family will receive Christmas morning. When you call or email us, we will give you their AAF number (to protect their identity), age, size and gift suggestions from their Wish List.

Our deadline to drop off the unwrapped gifts for the AAF program is Wednesday, Dec. 9th. This allows us enough time to organize, wrap and transport the gifts to the shelter in time for Christmas morning.

Please call Kathy Novak at 714-237-1444 or email to participate in our Adopt-A-Family program.

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